Billions of Premium Impressions Served Every Month


Atlava is leading ad platform designed to provide a massive amount of high-quality traffic for a wide array of services and products. Our network is a state of the art product and everything we deliver is entirely in-house and there is no need to risk with 3rd party clients. Atlava works directly for you.

  • Optimize ad buys for efficiency with specific site targeting and ad zones capable of converting at a high rate.
  • We offer CPM Web, Mobile and Pop-under advertising solutions that perform flawlessly on every platform.
  • Display ads in all sizes and formats.
  • The whole traffic system is engineered and managed in-house by our skilled staff. That comes with a complete insurance against malware, downtimes and other problems that you usually get with 3rd party ad solutions. Atlava provides traffic that is safe and efficient.


Online advertising has taken a couple of major turns in the last couple of years as technology progressed. We managed to stay ahead of the pack and even improve our performance using the latest solutions and implementing them in our strategies. Atlava ad platform gives you the competitive edge needed to secure your business growth and justify your advertisement investments.

  • We offer all of the industry standards when it comes to ads: In Text, Rich Media, Mobile ads, etc… Pick a format that impacts your results the most and we will support it.
  • We understand that modern times require business owners to always be on the move. Our administration solution is mobile friendly and special attention has been given to making sure that mobile users can manage their campaign with ease while out of the office.
  • We are always working on making our products even better. With the constant contact with the clients, we conduct our business with their needs in mind. We don’t consider our clients as customers, but as partners. We offer assistance in every area where we feel you can use our help.


Take full advantage of our powerful interface and drill down deep into your campaign specs. We have complete control of every aspect of advertising and you can manage and measure the success of your campaigns. Get maximum returns on your advertising investment.

  • Bid on specific traffic or regions with a smart geo-targeting tool and maximize the exposure to markets relevant to you.
  • Pick every detail of mobile targeting like OS, device type, connection type (WAP/WIFI), and every other parameter you find relevant to converting your ads into sales.
  • Keyword targeting makes you campaign customization simple and intuitive, regardless of you niche and the type of camping you are running.
  • Get assistance from our ad management experts with creating new campaigns or managing existing ones. Find data that is relevant to you and discover how tweaking affects your returns. Learn as much as you can from our result driven experts.

Wherever you go, Atlava goes with you.

Imagine a feeling of having billions of impressions available in your pocket? Simply log into Atlava on any device and use our powerful platform to bid on massive amounts of traffic from anywhere in the world. Our mobile campaign management is ready when you are and offers a complete solution for ad campaign management.

Atlava solely focuses on your ROI%. Every aspect of our platform is geared towards increasing the earnings from your advertisement investments.